Who we are

We represent people and their businesses

We provide expert advice to our clients to prevent and resolve their problems with the Italian Tax Authority.

We provide a full understanding of our clients’ tax position and where possible, ways to improve it.

Studio Tributario DLF - Avvocati tributaristi, ricorsi tributari e piani di ottimizzazione fiscale internazionale

Our mission is to assist and defend our clients, that is why we chose to become lawyers.

We help our clients to defend their rights with
skill and acumen in every case.


Ours skills


Our approach is direct and clear. We immediately inform our clients of any tax risk related to their case. For maximum transparency and peace of mind, we always provide a quotation of fees and costs in advance.


We know how the Italian Tax Authority operates and we act promptly in the best interest of our clients.

Our knowledge:

We study tax law in detail and we keep up to date with any regulatory developments so as to be able to provide the best solutions for our clients.


With over 400 tax-related cases throughout Italy, we understand the subject thoroughly and know how to approach a trial for the best possible outcome. And, should it be necessary, we know how to prevent litigation.


We work to maximise tax efficiency within legal boundaries, striking a balance between business and ethics.


Tax law is interdisciplinary and international. We co-operate with financial advisors and criminal lawyers, both in Italy and in other jurisdictions, in order to give the best possible support to our clients.

Our team of professionals

Francesco De Luca

Who are you?
A lawyer. And a father.

Why did you choose this job?
My family background and my personal inclination. My father was a lawyer too, educated in USA, with a very practical life and professional approach. I heartily share the same approach. And tax law requires such an approach.

Your drive is?
I like solving problems and helping people to solve theirs. I like to take a position and to be successful.

And when you are not working as lawyer?
It is really hard “not to be” a lawyer. Being a lawyer it is not simply a job, rather it is a life approach. Fortunately or unfortunately.

Alessandro Falco

By vocation and family background, I grew up on “bread and tax”.

I obtained a degree in Law at the “Alma Mater Studiorum” University in Bologna, specialising in tax litigation.

After several Masters’ degrees in tax law, I have had the professional opportunity to delve into international tax law.

My approach to tax law is similar to an engineer: I like to build up lawsuits and opinions as if they were a solid structure, piece by piece.

In my free time, I play golf and listen to vinyls.

Silvia Zhang

After work experience in China and Israel I graduated from the University of Milan – Bicocca with a degree in Law.

With a background in accounting and then in Law, tax law is ideal for putting my studies to practical use.

I feel comfortable dealing with budgets, tax returns and determining possible tax advantages and settlements.

Everything new entices me, be it one of the many new Italian legislative changes, often quite complex, or international and foreign tax law.

I like mountains and in my free time I look forward to some serious hiking there.